Tale of the Nine Tailed is a new K-Drama that I am watching out for. First, its a tvN drama, which is a positive, I find tvN releases a lot of awesome K-Dramas. Also it stars Lee Dong Wook & it's story is about a "gumiho", a nine tailed fox, a mythical creature living thousands of years, with the ability to shape shift into human form in Chinese folklores & legendary tales. There are numerous folklores depicting this mythical creature, either as a good or bad spirit. 

I do find Asian myths & folklore tales interesting therefore I am intrigued to watch this drama. 
It will be released on 07 October 2020. Not long to wait. 


Lee Dong Wook plays Lee Yun, the role as the legendary Gumiho, Nine Tailed Fox, a guardian killing demons, travelling between the mortal world & the afterlife. He takes human form & settles in a city & Jo Bo Ah, who plays as Ji Ah, a TV producer for supernatural TV programs. She hears of a genuine existence of a gumiho & is determined to recruit him as a guest on her show. 

There is another Nine Tailed Fox, who is a step brother of Lee Yun, who is thought to be the dangerous Nine Tailed Fox, who detests humans & uses his powers to take advantage of them. 


Fantasy, Action & Romance


I feel Asian myths are unique & is of fantasy of course, but it is very interesting, where folklores have been passed on through generations. I am looking forward to watching this & an October release is very appropriate, with it being the month particularly with telling scary stories about spirits, with tradition of Halloween, the cold, chilly temperatures & early dark nights setting in, where I will definitely will be cosying up, looking forward to watching this.

I think Lee Yun will be the "good" gumiho, protecting the humans, as he gets rid of the demons in the mortal world, whilst dealing with conflict with his step brother who is the badass gumiho, putting humans in danger, so I anticipate some cool action scenes in this. Plus, hope to see some warm, romance between Lee Yun & the TV producer, wondering whether the romance between them would be long lasting, between a gumiho & a human, would this relationship work... Hope to see a a happy ending... 

After watching this, indeed I will do a follow up blog post on this K-drama. 

Will you be watching this? 

Source of all photo's: tvN

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