I like to keep my nails short & neat by regularly giving it a simple manicure. My nails get a weekly self care ritual using my favourite nail tools from NAVY, Doris the cuticle pusher & Ethel to remove the dead skin around my cuticles & nails. I did not realise I needed Ethel in my nail tool kit, but boy you really need to get your own Ethel, she does a fab job at lifting away the dead skin by getting into the crevices easily. I strongly recommend in investing in top quality nail tools.

I would also trim & file my nails if required at the time. These important steps preps them ready for my go to nail polishes, Biosculpture's Ethos Lavender Base & Ethos Mirror Top Coat, for that glossy glass nail vibe. 


It is a treatment base product containing conditioning seed oils & Rosemary leaf extract, that helps to strengthen & restore weak, damaged nails. You can use this as a base coat prior to using any other nail polish colours of your choice. Luckily I don't have damaged or weak nails, but using it as a preventative measure is a good idea to me. I like to use this on its own giving my naked nail one coat, creates a veil of soft pink & lilac hue. 


After applying the Ethos Lavender Base, I like to follow with applying  two coats of the Ethos Mirror Top Coat because of the mirror like glossy shine it gives my nails, it makes them look pretty. This Top Coat as a plumping effect which increases the vibrancy of colour & is scratch resistant, protecting your manicure for longer by preventing chips. What's also great is you can apply this Top Coat every few days to prolong your manicure even further. 

Also don't forget to finish of by nourishing your cuticles & nails with a cuticle oil or cuticle balm. The one I am completely obsessed with is NAVY's cuticle balm. 

I love giving myself this minimal at home manicure, as I find it therapeutic. I think this simple detail makes you effortlessly put together, which is suitable for everyday wear, very appropriate for work too. Such a easy nail maintenance to upkeep at home for those who like to do it themselves or, until you can get back to having your salon manicure. 


I wanted to improve my nail care & I came across a couple of ultra talented Nail Queens; Harriet Westmoreland & Kimberly Oates on Instagram. The manicures they create are insanely beautiful. Obsessed. They provide informative, helpful nail care tips & great product recommendations.  I enjoyed learning how to look after my own nails by nail professionals. 

Thank you Harriet & Kimberley for sharing your tips & tricks. 
If you haven't come across them yet, go check them out for some total nail inspo's! 

Harriet Westmoreland & Kimberley Oates on Instagram.

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