Looking for the next K- Drama to watch? This is it. 


456 people who have all been struggling financially, have been invited to play & compete in a series of six traditional Korean children's games, for a chance to win a huge jackpot amount of money -  total prize money of 45.6 billion won! 

The only thing is the players have to survive each game, by going through each deadly twist & the last one standing wins all the money. 


Action. Adventure. Suspense. 


This K-drama series comprises of 9 episodes, not the usual 16, so you would get through this drama very quickly. 

All the players have been carefully selected, they all had something in common, where they were struggling financially, to the point where they are desperate & so they decide to participate in the games to win prize money in order to resolve their life predicament. 

The players had to sign a contract & follow 3 simple rules. What they did not realise was that if they got "eliminated", that it meant they die. With each elimination, the prize money grows. They have to also play till the very end. Survival of the fittest. 

I like how one of the main characters, Seong Gi Hun (Player 456) stays true to himself & shows comaraderie, where a few players helped each other to survive, despite being in competition with each other. I also appreciate the stories around the players justifications for returning, even by risking their life, to continue participating in such insane games. 

This drama reminds me of a shocking Japanese movie called Battle Royale, where students had to battle against each other & survive, in a gruesome, disturbing way.  

This is definitely worth binge watching as its captivatingly addictive from the start, each episode is full of action, suspense & edge of the seat thrills. The story is told with mysterious airs, disturbing details, shocking twists & some heart wrenching emotional moments. A warning though, it does contain violent deaths, blood & gore. 

The ending is left open to the possibility of a second series - we shall see whether this will happen. 

You can watch this on Netflix. 


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