Hello friends! Welcome to SereneSeranation!

I'm HoYee. I love beauty & fancied an outlet to record my thoughts & interests.

My name means Serenity - which inspired me to name my blog SereneSeranation,

where I can capture my passion of beauty & share it to a serene nation - a community where we can chit chat & empower each other.

I am not a professional make up artist or dermatologist. I am just a beauty enthusiast where I enjoy discovering new products & incorporating them into my beauty routine. It’s great to find great products where we can pamper ourselves, make us feel great & enhances us to look our best. I particularly love Korean skincare & cosmetics.

I would like to share my reflections & experiences here with you about beauty, fashion & lifestyle.

I hope my thoughts will be helpful or may inspire you to try new products that you may be in the market for.

If you would like to get in touch please email: sereneseranation@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting.
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