I  have been using & am in love with the WELEDA Skin Food original cream & Skin Food lip balm. They are my magical saviours for my dry skin, particularly my hands from all the constant hand washing they are going through. 

Skin Food uses all natural extracts to provide support to skin's protective barrier. 

It has a lovely, uplifting botanical scent to it which I think adds to the soothing experience. This Skin Food feeds, soothes & replenishes hydration back into the skin really well. 

The original version is rich & is thick in texture to provide intensive treatment. WELEDA Skin Food does also come in a Light version, which will have a lighter consistency for those who prefer not to use thick creams. 


The NARS Afterglow Lip balms have been my daily go to, to indulge my lips with a subtle tint of colour, whilst moisturising them with NARS' signature Monoi hydrating complex, combined with a blend of antioxidants to protect the lips. This product gives an effortless shine & is the best lip product that is "mask friendly,  & is my go to when I have to go outdoors, as it has become custom to wear a face mask. I still want to feel & look presentable, for the moments when can remove the face mask for drink or food, without wearing a lipstick as most tend to smear under a mask. 


Mulberry silk has many benefits for the skin, hence I wanted to try out the silk face masks & boy am I glad I upgraded from the reusable cotton ones I have been using. I like to use reusable masks when I am out & about in supermarkets or outdoor public places & reserve the one time use surgical ones for certain places like hospitals. This is my contribution to be eco friendly, but also know when to be more protective. 

                            PHOTOS: CULT BEAUTY

I have the silk masks from Cult Beauty in navy & pink, their masks are made of 100% mulberry silk double sided. They are beautifully silky soft against my skin during wear. I like how they have even designed it with a pliable nose wire, adjustable ear loops & a small silk panel under the chin area for that extra secure fit around the face, which makes me feel safer. They even come with a silk pouch for storage which is great for cleanliness. 

                   PHOTOS: CULT BEAUTY
Compared to the cotton face masks, I prefer to wear silk masks & there's no going back, it's definitely worth the upgrade, especially as I think we will have to live with this Covid situation for some time. The silk version is much, much better, as they are super gentle against skin, more comfortable to wear & as silk is a breathable fabric, I find it helps me to have a conversation without getting breathless compared to when I wear cotton masks. 

Due to the positive nature of silk masks, I think they will help prevent maskne, but ensure to handwash the face masks after each use, along with a thorough face cleansing after the end of each day. 

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