A story about a young man in his 20's who moves from the countryside to Seoul, capital city of South Korea. Whilst hunting for a place to live on a tight budget, he stumbles & settles with a cheap hostel Eden Gosiwon, where all tenants share the kitchen & bathroom. Strange, mysterious things occur & the residents have abnormal personalities, where creepy events occur,  causing fear for his life living in this hostel. 


Horror, Thriller, Mystery & Psychological


I do love a good horror, which is the first reason to attract me to Strangers from Hell, secondly the main actor in it is Lee Dong Wook, who is a good actor & handsome, one of my man crushes in the drama world. What is even better  is that it's a 10 episodes, thrilling horror K-Drama, with Lee Dong Wook in it. I was interested to see his acting in a villain role, as this is a total different role away from the typical handsome guy role he usually plays, of what k-drama's I have watched him in. He performed brilliantly as an intelligent working professional & portrayed the intriguing, dangerously charming psychopath, with exceptional skill. 

This is a not a supernatural horror, it is tale with plenty of dark themes, where it involves residents who have strange characters with abnormal personalities & psychological disorders, living in a tiny, poor quality hostel. The hostel accommodation is old, dark & dinghy which suitably sets the scary atmosphere, perfectly fit for such strange, creepy, distinct characters. The stories about them & what keeps happening to the young man, really makes you believe something horrifying is about to happen, it kept me drawn in & wanting to know more. 

You can relate to the young man in many ways, when you first start somewhere, moving from the countryside to the city, to find a new job, but have to settle for a basic accommodation due to a tight budget, although you really don't want to live there, but you tell yourself it is only temporary until you can save some money till you can move elsewhere better. This element is part of everyday life for most people. 

However, the drama shows the complexities of the human mind, how emotions of which you cannot control can have a detrimental psychological impact on your life, & how when you are surrounded by negative unpredictable events, scary people, & when you feel you are pushed to a corner that you are unable to escape from, you can really become hysterical & lose it. 

There are many disturbing & chilling scenes, involving kidnapping, torture, serial murders & cannabilism, which successfully gave me chills, shocked me & blown my mind. 

The only negative I feel there were some parts of the drama that seemed slow in places. Other than that, everything else was fantastic, has a unique story with a surprising ending, the cinematography, all the actors/actresses chemistry & acting was superb. This is definitely worth a watch, you won't regret it, especially if you love crime, horror & psychological stories. 
Available to watch on Netflix.

Source all photo's by OCN

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