Other than watching K- dramas to unwind & escape , I enjoy blogging, playing around with beauty products, relaxing with a face mask & playing some games on the X-box. 

My go to games, tend to be fighting games, really enjoy playing on Soul Calibur, Tekken & Street Fighter, I find these a good choice of games to destress, with all the different martial art styles to select from, it is fun. 

I do like playing other types of games like Tetris, that's a classic favourite. I am really into playing pool at the moment.


Lately, I am into playing pool with my other half on the Xbox. Poolnation FX is really fun to play on. 
This game is super easy to navigate & play on. It is a super chill, relaxing game which helps me unwind & distract my busy mind from work & life shanningans, which at the moment is extremely stressful & strange time brought on by COVID-19. 

I am not a highly skilled game player, only play from time to time. So, check out this fun video, showing how I managed to pot 3 balls in one go, which by the way is total fluke! Can't believe how that happened,  non the less, still pleased & amused me for a moment!  

It is an important time more than ever to ensure you enjoy the things you do. 
Make sure you find the joys in every little thing you do. 

What do you guys enjoy doing during your downtime? Feel free to let me know & share. 

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