I am a person who hates the feeling of having dry hands, so I am always with a hand moisturiser on the go & part of my essential self care routine is to regularly give my cuticles care & attention. 

With all the extra hand washing due to the pandemic, its important to care for your hands, not forgetting your cuticles & nails. 

I use my cuticle tools to push back & nip off any dead skin, then finish off by massaging in a cuticle oil or cuticle balm. 

My favourite cuticle oil is CND Solar Oil & for my choice of cuticle balm, I love the one from NAVY. I will go into more detail why I love these & are my go to star products. 


This cuticle balm is enriched with Rosehip oil, Aloe Vera extract, Coconut oil, made with Shea Butter, Sunflower oil Eco preservative blend, scented with Mandarin & Sandalwood fragrance, which is Navy's own signature scent. This scent is absolutely divine. 

The texture is of a soft, silky balm, which upon touch, from your body heat, the balm melts to a silky oil & absorbs into the skin instantly. It doesn't give me a greasy feeling unlike some other cuticle products. My cuticles drinks this up & is nourished. It's a joy to use. 

Navy is a small family ran company in Yorkshire & I am happy to have discovered this, as I like to support small UK business where possible. I will definitely continue to purchase this cuticle balm. It's become an essential for me. Navy also provides high quality nail & lash care tools. Do check them out. 


This is a nourishing cuticle oil, rich in jojoba oil & Vitamin E, ingredients good for the skin. The jojoba oil carries the Vitamin E into the skin. 
What I love about it is, that repeated use of this drives the nutrients in deeper, in effect creating stronger, healthier nails, importantly a hydrated cuticle area. Now who doesnt want that? 

Although this is an oil, this is not too oil, the formula is of a natural, light oil. It sinks into the skin & does not leave excess oily residue as it absorbs well. Giving your cuticle areas a good massage drives it in well. 

Does it have a strong fragrance? Worry not, for those who are sensitive to strong smells. The scent is subtle, smells of soft marzipan, which gives me warm, cosy vibes. 

I purchased a large bottle, knowing as I use a cuticle product several times a day, I must make sure I have one available to use otherwise I would feel oddly uncomfortable. Absolutely cannot deal with having to put up with dry fingers & hands. For a 118 ml bottle I recommend & prefer to decant the oil into a small bottle with a pipette, which is the best method of application, for maintaining good hygiene. 

You can purchase the CND Solar Oil in various different sizes, the 118 ml one is the largest, which I think is the most cost effective, if you are using this several times each day. I purchased mine from Nail Polish Direct , which sell this for a good price & the regularly offer discount codes. 


I enjoy using both, the CND Solar Oil & the Navy Cuticle Balm. When my cuticles are extremely dry, I like to use both in combination. I would use the CND Solar Oil first, giving my cuticles a good massage & then I use the Navy cuticle balm next, for the extra hydration & intense therapy. Using the combination of the two products would be a saver to me during the winter season. 

Of course it's not necessary to have both products as part of your routine, it's down to your personal preference whether you prefer cuticle oil, or cuticle balm. Both are fantastic options. However, I do think the Navy cuticle balm, due to its formula & packaging makes it to be more travel friendly as there is no risk of spillage. It makes best choice to have this one in your handbag & the CND Solar Oil could stay for home use only. 

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