Not including my hairbrush, the only 2 hair styling products I love using daily, to style my mane is the OUAI Matte Pomade & a L'Oreal hairspray. 

I have been using L'Oreal's Elnett hairspray for many years, it is a trusty favourite & the reason is, this is the only hairspray that does not turn your hair stiff, crispy & hard, as it provides a natural hold yet strong hold as long as 24 hours, allowing you to "Style. Unstyle. Restyle", true to L'Oreal's claim, where the products of the hairspray disappears from strokes of your brush & you can restyle your hair without the need of washing your hair first. After application, it still feels like its your own hair. An amazing product within a intelligently designed packaging, created to micro diffuse the product onto your hair, which allows even, distribution & relayering when required to restyle. 

The latest star product, tried & tested over the past few weeks, I have come to love, is the OUAI matte pomade. 


This is a hair styling finishing paste, fortified with Kaolin Clay, which provides maximum holding power, combined with Beeswax to give your hair volume & texture. Perfect to sculpt & define all lengths of hair & hairstyles, for tousled curls, or updos. 

OUAI has used Smart Technology Complex infused in this with amino acids & keratin which are properties to strengthen & protect your hair. This is good to know, as this product would be beneficial for those who have fragile hair & is prone to breakages. It is also free from parabens. A product containing protective property to help maintain healthy hair is a plus to me. 

The texture is of a soft cream in a pretty Putty shade, which I believe is from the Kaolin Clay. I find most hair styling creams tend to be white. This sets it apart from other products. 

Let's talk about the scent, Italian Lemon & Jasmine, giving it a fresh & floral fragrance, which refreshes the hair. 

Other styling pomades I have used in the past gives more of a glossy finish, which I find can make your hair look greasy easily. A no no ! You would have to wash your hair as soon as have used, before you can use it again. Whereas, with the OUAI matte pomade, it does not do this. OUAI claims it absorb excess oils, which I think is why I have found that I could use this again the next day without washing my hair, so it allows you to restyle your hair whenever you need to. 

It is said & I believe that washing your hair daily is not good for the health of your hair as it strips away your natural oils. I cannot wash my hair every single day as my hair type is on the dry end, so I am lucky that my hair doesn't get greasy easily. So I'm not sure whether my dry hair type helps maximise the effect of inhibiting oiliness. I think this product would be perfect if your hair type is oily & prone to get greasy easily, this should help keep your hairstyle fresh for longer. 


I like to use a toothbrush & have a dedicated clean toothbrush just for use with hair styling products. I recommend you get a toothbrush with black bristles, as it allows you to see how much product you pick up. I find this is the best method as it allows you precision & control in distributing the product into your hair. Apply the product a bit at a time. A little goes a long way with this pomade, so I can see this will last me a long time. 


This is my first time using a product from OUAI haircare brand. I can say its a thumbs up from me & I will venture to try out other products from OUAI in the future. I love the fresh scent, the long lasting hold, taming my sideburns, plus my flyaway, baby fuzz hair & the matt finish giving me a sleek, polished hairstyle all day long. The best bit is, it doesn't build up in the hair, it can be brushed out, can be used on second day, even third day hair between a hair wash! Meaning it allows you to save time, as washing & drying my hair can be quite time consuming as I have thick & long hair. 

An amazing product!  If you haven't tried this yet & have been eyeing this up, you can purchase this from HQhair, they are offering 20% off on your first haul with them with discount code NEWBIE. Fear not, if you have already shopped with them before, you can still get 15% off on a current promo code HQ15. Go get that effortless, polished hairstyle! 

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