Over the past several months,  I have been drawing my brows in differently compared to how I used to do them, which I have talked about in a previous blog post regarding"My ultimate brow kit", where the brow look was bushy, thick & full. 

I still love the feathery, bushy brow style, but I wanted to create a softer brow look, so that my brows doesn't have that overall heavy appearance. So I have updated my brow kit  & how I do my brows slightly, featuring the Glossier Brow Flick pen. 


This is a brow pen, with a microfine brush tip, which allows you to have more control & precision to create featherlight hair strokes, to fill & define the brows. I love how thin the brush tip is, as it makes it easier for me to create realistic yet natural hair like strokes, to fill up my sparse, half brows! I like how the product is sheer to an extent where it is buildable so it's forgiving if you make any mistakes. It is smudge resistant & long lasting, it lasts the whole day for me no problems. 

There are 3 shades, Brown, Blond & Black. I have only used the Brown shade, which is a dark brown & for me its the perfect tone, which I think would match lots of brunettes & those with black hair too, like me. I always pick a shade lighter than my natural hair colour as I do not want a stark, dark brows. 
I think if Glossier could create a few more shades to allow for different cool & warm tones as options, it would be great. 

Comparing this brow pen from Glossier, I enjoy using this & much prefer this one, over the MAC brow pen I have used previously, because the brush tip is much finer, allowing you to achieve a defined, micriobladed effect, feathery brow. I really like the white, clean & minimal aesthetic look of Glossier's brow flick. Also, I have found the brow flick really lasts a long time, approximately 7 months, despite using this product at least 5 days a week, as I am still working full time at my workplace. Brilliant product!


  1.  I still love using SOAP BROWS, so I use this, brushing it all over my brow, brushing upwards. This is the base to creating the bushy brow look, the soap helps to keep the brows in place however you style it.
  2. Use a setting powder of your choice, loose or pressed according to your preference, to set the brows. This is an important step, if you skip this, the brow pen will not work as well. 
  3. Then use the Glossier brow pen to create the individual hair strokes in the sparse areas, creating feathery brows.
  4. Final step, use a spoolie to brush through & style the brows. Viola, to soft, feathery brows.


Andreea Ali is a talented make up artist based in Paris. You can find her on her Instagram @aliandreeamakeup & she also has a YouTube channel. Check her out! I enjoy watching her make up videos, its quite therapeutic & inspiring. They help me learn techniques, tips & tricks to incorporate into my own make up routine. Andreea is down to earth, funny & I appreciate her product recommendations. I was intrigued by the Glossier brand & the Brow Flick pen is the first Glossier product I have tried, recommended by Andreea Ali. 

I enjoy exploring new products, but I like to make informed choices on which products could be better, suit me & then to try them out myself, to see if they are products that will stay in my routine. 
I am now on my second Glossier Brow Flick pen. I can say this is a firm favourite of mine that my brows cannot do without! 

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