The Foreo Luna 3 is a facial cleansing & massaging tool, & is the latest, upgraded addition, produced by the FOREO a Swedish wellbeing beauty brand. This little innovative, silicone skincare tool is packed with technology. It synchronises with the FOREO app via Bluetooth, where you can personalise your own skincare regime, to get that deep cleanse for perfect skin. 



The surface area is 30% larger & the bristles are also 30% longer than LUNA 2. It is also softer. This means giving you a deeper & more gentler clean - totally perfect for lovelies with sensitive skin. 

Using silicone bristles keeps this hygenic, which is really important for good skincare.  According to FOREO it is 35x more hygenic than using nylon brush bristles. 


Gives 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute, reaching deep into your pores to rid of all the daily dirt, oil, sweat, make up residue & dead skin cells. 

How does this work? The T- Sonic sound waves vibrate really fast & upon directed use onto the skin, it extends deep into the pores, whilst gently, shaking out all the grime, effectively than a washcloth or non sonic facial brushes. 

The technology of the sonic waves also increases circulation & exfoliates the skin, without pulling. This is great to stimulate your skin & allow better absorption of your favourite skincare products to achieve that skin brightening glow! 


You can select 16 different power intensities & the length of time, to suit your preference & fit your own unique skin, which is fabulous as everyones skin is different. 

One charge provides you with 650 uses! This is handy as you don't need to constantly charge this. I had started using this from Christmas time on my first charge, every single day & have not yet had to charge this. 


This is smartly designed - it is 100% waterproof. So fear not lovelies, you can use this in the shower without worrying that it will malfunction.


You do not need to replace the brush head ever. I welcome this feature, as it makes it money saving & eco friendly. 


There are 4 massage routines to choose from, concentrating on your eyes, neck, cheek - jawline & mouth. They are great to stimulate your skin cells. 

My favourite is the cheek - jawline  4minute long massage, which contours & sculpts your cheek & jawline. I am using this to achieve a sculpted V shape jawline. 


This facial cleansing gadget is a game changer in my facial cleansing routine. 

I have used this little, powerful tool every single day, with a cleansing foam or gel, for that past few months & I can say, it has helped me clear away my dead skin, as I do have dry skin & sometimes it showed particularly around my nose area. I really disliked this ~ not a good base for foundation or concealer to go on smoothly. Plus not a pretty look. 

My skin feels cleaner after using this compared to previously using my hands & a washcloth. I enjoy using the massages the LUNA 3 has & is perfect to indulge in the relaxing, stimulation it gives your skin. 

I love how you can completely customise the length of time & the intensity of the pulsations it operates, to your preference, so if you need a even deeper clean after a good workout, you can adjust it to your lifestyle. 

I do truly think by using a electronic facial device to cleanse your face definitely benefits your skin, compared to just using your own fingers & I feel I have cleaner skin. 

The Foreo Luna is better than the Clarisonic Mia. I have used the Clarisonic Mia previously & I can say I strongly recommend Foreo Luna, as it has better technology, the silicone bristles are softer yet still gives you a thorough cleanse, it is ecological, as you do not have the upkeep of replacing a brush head, nor charge this baby often & most importantly it is easy to clean & dry, therefore making it more hygienic. 

The only downside to this is that it is expensive - it costs £169. However, I see that it is a worthwhile investment, as this product will last a very long time & I will get many good uses out of it. My tip would be to shop it with a discount code ~ with companies that stock this & you can this wonderful product with a sweet saving, which is what I did from lookfantastic. The one I went with is the in lilac ~ for sensitive skin. It comes in other colours for various skin types, so ensure you pick the right one for your skin. 

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