My "go to choice" of tv entertainment is always Korean Drama's aka K-drama. 

Growing up with my family, we watched mainly Chinese dramas, which lead me branching into K-drama's a few years ago & has grown into an addiction! I find K-drama's highly entertaining, as they have interesting storylines, filled with intense plot twists which gets all your emotional feels going! 

One of the best K-dramas of 2020, which has become a firm favourite of mine is: 
It's Okay to Not Be Okay. 


This drama centers around a caregiver, Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) who works at a psychiatric hospital & is also a carer to his older brother Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se), who is autistic & suffers reoccuring nightmares since the day their mother was murdered. They both cross paths with a popular writer of children's stories, Ko Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji), who is antisocial, rude & has a difficult personality. As the story unfolds, it shows how their lives are intertwined from the dramatic events that occurred in their past, how they heal each other's emotional & psychological wounds. 

Psychological. Comedy. Mystery. Romance. Fantasy. 


I was drawn to watch this drama for the psychological element, as it's based in a psychiatric setting & involves a character Sang Tae who has autism. I have an interest in Psychology & so this attracted me. 

The storyline certainly grabbed me from the very beginning. The pace was right throughout & showed many people's stories, how they behave to trauma, their experiences & the effects on their mental health.

The play-out of scenes builds up this mysteriousness, keeps you wondering & questioning possible scenarios. It has many intense, heartbreaking, romantic & comedic moments which had made go through an array of emotions; it made me teary, hold my breath & laugh out loud. I looked forward to watch each episode with eagerness. There is a shocking plot twist, which i will not go into so not to spoil it for those who has not watched this yet. I love how they use a gothic style artwork as visuals during parts of the storytelling gives it a unique spin. The cinematography & special effects were executed beautifully. 

The two leading romantic characters, Moon kang Tae & Ko Moon young display a push & pull dynamic, the actor, Kim Soo Hyun is handsome & actress Seo Ye Ji is gorgeous, their chemistry was strong & I felt they made a good match. 

I love Seo Ye Ji's acting in this drama, she performed brilliantly & she looked stunning in every outfit she wore, which were all fashionably stylish! 

Huge credit to actor Oh Jung Se who played Sang Tae with autism is a challenging role. I have seen him in a few K-drama's so I was interested to see how he would perform. I was in awe with his extraordinary acting skills & he fulfilled his role magnificently. 

In fact, the whole cast have all shone in their respective roles & made this overall a truly amazing drama! I love it that much that I want to rewatch it again & I do not tend to replay dramas! This is a must watch K-drama & it is available on Netflix.

Have you watched this drama yet? If so, did you enjoy it, what are your thoughts on it? 

If you are not watching K-drama's at all, you are missing out. 

Source: all photo's by tvN

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