The world of fragrance is so vast. The skills & complexities of combining delicious olfactory compositions to satisfy our senses is truly wonderful. We are definitely spoilt for choice with the wide array of fragrances from different perfume houses. 

I have noticed growing up, taste to fragrances gradually change, as does your tastes do over time. For example. I used to really dislike eating brussell sprouts due to its bitterness, but within the past few years, I have discovered I don't mind eating them at all. although it has not become a vegetable I love to eat yet. 

I used to prefer mainly sweet, fruity & floral fragrances. I no longer enjoy fragrances that are too sweet & fruity. I still love a floral perfume, but prefer it to be balanced out with say some spiciness, which is why Chanel Chance is one of my all time favourites. A bottled floral Jasmine intertwined with Pink Pepper & Amber Patchouli. Mmmm sensual & rich. 

I find my choice of perfume wear is inspired by the seasons. I like clean, fresh & floral fragrances during the Spring Summer months or for daytime wear, so D&G Light Blue & also Lancome Idole are perfect choices. Lancome Idole is a new recent discovery which I will go on to talk about later. For Autumn Winter, I opt for woody, spicy & muskier scents, which I also think is a good choice for evening wear. 

                                    UPLIFT YOUR MOOD WITH FRAGRANCE 

I love to explore new scents. I find the magic of how certain scents can spark your memories & also uplift your mood, which is what we can appreciate & need right now. 

It gives me joy to wear my fragrances even though I am wearing it whilst staying at home due to the Covid19 pandemic. Some may see that it is pointless to & that it's a waste when you have nowhere to go. Why not wear fragrance if it makes you happy & gives your mood a positive boost. We all like to smell good too right, it does not need to be reserved only for outings. 

                                            NEW ADDITION: LANCOME IDOLE 

I wanted to try a new fragrance for 2020 Spring Summer & Lancome Idole caught my eye, with its modern, sleek rose gold bottle design. The packaging is truly unique & innovatively eco ~ it's a refillable glass bottle. You can take the bottle to participating stores & refill it back up. Awesome!

The bottle's body is flat & depending on the size you opt for it's rectangular in shape. I chose 25ml so it is a sleek square bottle, which makes it perfect to keep in your handbag for those moments you want to spritz a top up. Thumbs up for it being travel friendly! 

Beautiful packaging envelopes a product for that extra perfect finish ~ the fragrance itself is important & it doesn't disappoint.

Idole is a floral fragrance of Jasmine & Rose, with a musky Chypre accord, which gives a clean, fresh floral scent. The floral component is not overpowering ~ the right balance. I always choose the Eau de Parfum formula as I like perfume to linger on my skin as long as possible. This lasts a good few hours before, I fancy a freshen up. 

I enjoy using this fragrance ~ I like roses & jasmine & flowers just brightens up the day!

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