This is a rich, toner recommended for normal - dry skin. It contains nutritious ingredients of argan oil, dandelion extracts, galactomyces, with botanical extracts from aloe & chrysanthemum. These botanical ingredients replaces water for long lasting hydration. All the ingredients are supercharged through the fermentation process for maximum efficacy & is 97.40% organic!!

Pick the toner type recommended for your skin type. This toner is also available for other skin types, Original & Refresh; 

Original - is suitable for all skin types.
Refresh - is for oil & combination skin. 


I love to use Korean skincare brands as they are innovative & are known to be very effective. The Korean's cultural obsession for healthy skin is backed by many decades of scientific research, where there are many wonderful products to choose from to tailor to our own skincare routine. 

Whamisa is a Korean skincare brand, focused on preserving the benefits of using natural ingredients, using a specialised fermentation process, which has been researched over more than 10 years. They do not test on animals & many of their products are vegetarian & vegan friendly. 


I am a sucker for pretty packaging. The product comes in a robust, frosted, glass bottle with pretty pink flowers on it, which gives it premium quality & looks good on display. The opening is small, which allows you to be in control with how much you dispense. Despite this, it is not expensive & can be purchased from many UK websites. 

Right let's get to the vital part - what special ingredients are in this toner. 


I really wanted to try out this toner, for its organic ingredients & importantly alcohol free. Avoid skincare containing alcohol as it drys out the skin. 

This toner is made up of botanical ingredients in place of water, which makes it already a winner. Aloe is hydration rich, & its anti inflammatory properties is healing for skin. The oat kernels are also anti inflammatory & soothes dry, itchy skin. Dandelion oil prevents ageing, combined with Argan oil & various fatty acids & Vitamin E makes it a nutritious, hydration booster. Plus, I have heard many good reviews too. 


I have been using this for the past 3 months now & it is serving me well right now during UK's cold, winter season. 

On initial use, I wasn't keen on how strong the floral fermented scent was, so if you are sensitive to fragrances, it may not be suitable for you. I have used other fermented skincare products such as SK II Facial Treatment Essence & MISSHA's Time Revolution Treatment Essence, both of these were very lightly fragranced & did not bother my nose at all. After continued use of Whamisa's toner, I got used to the scent thankfully, otherwise I don't think I would use this. 

Texture wise, this toner is thicker than the much liquid like toners & essences, it is like a bouncy serum. As this is so rich & hydrating, I can skip the step of using an essence, as I feel this is like a 2 in 1 product. I think this product would be good if you travel a lot, 1 item less to pack. 

I enjoy using this, as my skin feels so good & plump, restoring hydration to my skin & relieving the tightness of my dry skin immediately. I have noticed that it makes my skin dewy & glow - I am all for glowing skin. Therefore, I use this in my morning & night skincare routine without fail. Do not miss out using a toner. I can see why this toner is  popular & highly sought out. Try it out for yourself to help get through the Winter cold months. 

    Wishing you all a Happy New Year & that 2020 will bring you all good health, happiness & success!!

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