Lilysilk is a major online outlet & manufacturer of 100% mulberry silk products ranging from bedding, sleepwear, clothes & even underwear, made by Chinese silk masters with many years of expertise. They have also obtained OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification meaning many of their products has passed strict test standards & use of non toxic dyes. These products are marked or you can check this on their website.  

Lily Lin founder of Lilysilk wanted to bring great quality silk products at an affordable price, whilst also working to relieve relative poverty of silk workers in the silk industry, with the concept of "BETTER SILK, BETTER LIFE", which I totally dig.


I came across Lilysilk through scrolling through Instagram one day & their mulberry silk pillowcase caught my attention! It looked exquisitely, luxurious in a wide range of colour options to suit your colour palette, at a great, affordable price, for 1 standard size silk pillowcase cost £26, that won't break the bank! 

I was already aware of how expensive silk products are & have even considered the silk pillowcases from Slip, which are expensive; Queen size retails at £85 & King size at £105. I had to put that at the back burner & it was forgotten until Lilysilk appeared on my radar & I really thought their prices are too good to be true & I was skeptical. So I took to doing some of my own research, as I would like to have a silk pillowcase to sleep on as I kept on waking up to creases on my face & static flyaways hair. Goodbye to that! 

LilySilk has many positive customer reviews & has been featured in Vogue, Elle & many other press, that it provided me reassurance to try Lilysilk out myself & I am glad I did. 


According to Lilysilk & other sources, Mulberry silk threads are rounder, finer & smoother making it durable, & importantly has rich amount of nutrients in its fibres, but also significantly less absorbent compared to other fibres, which help your skin retain moisture (keeping your expensive facial & hair products where they belong) & regulates at the right humidity levels for your skin.  

Hence why if you feel hot as you sleep through the night, silk will help you stay at the right temperature, in turn promote good sleep. Who doesn't want that right, especially when we a large substantial amount of our lives in bed.  

Silk is naturally soft & breathable. It is also hypoallergenic, meaning it repels common household allergens, such as bacteria & dust mite etc. It would be useful for allergen sufferers. 

Due to mulberry silk's natural properties, sleeping on silk pillowcases reduces tugging on the skin so prevents facial wrinkles, reduces messy morning hair & promotes sound sleep, so it was a no brainer for me to go ahead & purchase from Lilysilk. 


I picked & purchased two 19 Momme Housewife silk pillowcases in the Taupe colour. For 1 pillowcase it costs £26 which is such a great price. I find Lilysilk frequently does offers & so I got my second pillowcase with 30% off, saving me £7.80. At the time they had a promotion on with the pillowcases, which included a silk hair scrunchie - colour choice is at random - Lilysilk pick for you, which I didn't mind, left that element as a surprise. Plus  I got free shipping on it, as orders over £30 makes it eligible for free delivery ~ an easy feat to achieve.

Ordering with Lilysilk was easy, found the website easy to navigate & processing to payment was seamless. I had updated my account profile & earnt 500 points which meant I got £5 discount code. Bonus!

I recommend you subscribing to Lilysilk - you can also save more on your purchase as they allow you to save an extra 10% on full price items. Plus they send you updates on their offers, so you can build up your silk collection. I mean you do need another set to alternate between when its in the wash.

They also have a loyalty programme called VIP Membership, where if you sign up & you place 2 qualifying orders in a 6 month timeframe, you become a VIP Member with the following benefits; 

  • Free shipping on all orders
  • VIP Exclusive price, meaning buy anything at a reduced price compared to a non member
  • Receive Special Promos every single month on the 19th. 
  • Earn double points, which can be claimed for discount on purchases
  • VIP Priority Customer Service I have not had any reason to try this, but reassuring to have. 
  • Get a birthday gift on your birth monthnice touch, to reward your loyal customers. I have yet to experience this, let's see in February 2020. 
I definitely think the VIP Membership is worth signing up especially if you love the product you buy & will be returning to make future purchases. 


I was suprised at how quickly the silk pillowcases arrived, despite it coming from China, packaged in a nice, presentation box. I like the Taupe colour & found it was true to colour as represented on the photo's. The silk felt luxuriously soft upon first touch & it is well made. I was very impressed with my first impression. The true test was sleeping on it.....

I am truly pleased with the silk pillowcases, as I wake up with no facial creases on my face like I did before with my good quality cotton pillowcases. I love how silky soft it feels on my face when I sleep & I always look forward to my sleep time on the wonderful Lilysilk pillowcases. I also noticed that it has reduced the static on my hair as well. I will repurchase more so I can alternate them between washes.

I love them that much that I have purchased a couple of sets in different colours to gift to my family. Again my order arrived quickly ~ it took 4 days. This order arrived beautifully packaged again. However, both sets were put in 1 presentation box only, which is  an inconvenience as they were purchased as gifts. Luckily, I had kept the box from my very first order so I will use that ~do my bit in recycling & my "green" contribution. Due to this I have revisited the website to check if there is any way of leaving a request note to Lilysilk. There is! So I recommend you to be sure to leave them a comment request at the checkout page of how many boxes you would need your items to come in if they are for gifts for a number of people. Or either you can save all the boxes you have for items you have purchased for yourself. 

Lilysilk even offers a monogramming service at a small, additional cost to make your gift that much more extra special. I definitely recommend Lilysilk's silk pillowcase & I would shop Lilysilk's other products, like their silk pyjamas & silk blouses are beautiful. 

LILYSILK Silk products make fabulous gifts for your loves in your life for any occasions, or a luxe treat for yourself!

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