Shade No 5 Medium 

This is a full coverage liquid concealer which reduces the appearance of dark circles, blemishes & hides imperfections, to give a fresher looking second skin. 

The Shade No 5 Medium is described as a Sand shade, suitable for those with light & medium skin of with all undertones. This shade was recommended to me at a Charlotte Tilbury counter, which is a good matching shade for me. 


The liquid concealer is housed in a beautiful gold pen. When you pull off the lid, the applicator is a cushion sponge, shaped with a pointed end tip. The sponge cushion is soft & the pointed shaped tip helps to fit in all the facial crevices easily with precision. 

To get more product, there is a dial at the end of the pen, which dispenses the concealer to the sponge tip without any issues. Upon first use from new, you have to dial the the end a few circles before you can see the concealer & enough to start using it. Thereafter you only need to dial by 1 click at a time for the required amount.

I like that it also has a small window pane to show how much concealer is there, which is handy & you can ensure you have another ready so not to be caught short. 


The concealer contains some wonderful, botanical ingredients; 
  • Persian Silk Tree Bark extract - reduces appearance of crows feet wrinkles, fading dark circles & contribute to illusion of a lifted upper eyelid. 
  • Palmitoyal Glycine - reduces the appearance of lines & wrinkles 
  • Wild Indigo extract - a native Indian plant used in ayurvedic tradition to enhance skin's luminosity.
All the ingredients used are to get the perfect looking skin every day. 


In my make up routine, using a good, full coverage concealer is a must for me in order to conceal my dark under eye circles & some small redness around the edges of my nose & my cheeks, plus the occasional hormonal spots. As long as these are concealed, I can skip the foundation on my "less make up" days. 

I agree this is a full coverage concealer & conceals all of the above requirements as mentioned. I prefer using the sponge tip to place the concealer on the areas required & then blend with the Sigma P87 Edge Precision brush as my favourite concealer brush. This concealer brightens up my dark undereyes & works with my dry skin well. The texture is creamy & super blendable & can be layered, should you need an extra layer, without it looking cakey. It gives a smooth, natural finish & doesn't crease. It also lasts all day without touch up. 

I love the high quality Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away liquid concealer & highly recommend! 

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