I am a fan of NEOM & their focus on looking after the Wellbeing, their products, all using 100% natural ingredients: essential oils in their fragrances, meaning no harsh chemicals, to help you sleep better, stay calm -stress less, boost energy or to uplift mood.

NEOM has a huge range of products from skincare, bath & home products such as reed diffusers, candles & room fragrance mists. Check them out for the extensive options available, to find something that you can incorporate in your daily routine to make your day a little better. 

I particularly enjoy their candles & reed diffusers.  I was on the look out last year for an oil diffuser & when NEOM released their Wellbeing Pod Oil Diffuser, I knew I had to have it! Mr A kindly gifted me the NEOM Wellbeing Pod Diffuser along with NEOM's Essential Oil Blend Collection last Christmas. 


The Wellbeing Pod's curved outer shell is ceramic with a diamond pattern all around it, with a rose gold coloured ring at the bottom of the pod, which gives a overall modern & clean look. It has a LED light feature to it, with choice of dim light or bright, light. You can also choose to have it on or off whilst the pod humidifies the air with a lovely fragrance. 

I love how it has the a timer feature on it,  so you don't have to have it on continuously, you can choose between 1 hour, 2 or 3 hours, which is great, especially if you can be forgetful at times in turning off, then this feature is handy. It also has a safety feature where once the water level goes below the line required for it to run, it will switch off. This is mains operated as well, which to me is the best as I do not fancy eating through batteries using this long term. 

To get the pod going ~ remove the ceramic dome outer cover, then remove the plastic lid & fill the water tank with cold water upto the marked line, taking care not to overfill past the line. I would then take my pick of a essential oil blend, usually the "MAKE YOU HAPPY" blend which is my favourite one out of the collection, where I add 8 drops to the water, then put back the lid & outer dome & turn the pod on. NEOM recommends adding upto 10 drops. I prefer to add 8 - 10 drops as I like & enjoy more of the chosen scent. You can also use these oils in the bath or for a massage. I have even used these in the shower, by adding drops onto the shower tray & letting the hot shower diffuse the aroma through the bathroom. 


Contains 4 bottles of essential oils; 

Scent to Sleep
Containing total of 19 different pure oils such as English Lavender, sweet Basil & jasmine to help create a tranquil ambience to help you relax & sleep.

Scent to Destress
Has large number ~ 24 different types of oils such as Brazilian rosewood, lavender & jasmine to aid feeling calm.

Scent to Boost Your Energy
Using Sicilian lemon & fresh basil amongst the blend of 24 different oils to help you feel refreshed & energised.

Scent to Make You Happy
Neroli, Mimosa & Lemon are used within a blend of 7 different oils, to uplift mood ~ enabling positive vibes. 

I enjoy using all the scents in this collection, I feel all the chosen ingredients by NEOM really mesh & complement each other.  Like I mentioned before, my favourite one is the Make You Happy scent, which lifts my spirits up. It really is lovely to have this collection to hand, as you can then pick the most appropriate scent to your current state of wellbeing at that moment in time to give yourself some TLC, in stimulating your mind & senses. 

The mist released is really fine, where you do not even feel or see any droplets of water. The fine mist appears like a vapour, of your chosen desired scent of oil blend into the room, which is fabulous. Using the essential oils with the pod really creates a relaxing & blissful space, giving it spa like feels. Importantly, incorporating this into my lifestyle is a necessary luxury, as it helps relieves my anxiety & stresses, giving me a "pick me up". I highly recommend them & if I did not receive this as a gift from Mr A, I would've purchased it for myself. Thank you Mr A. 

After trying out the collection of Essential oils, I would not hesitate to repurchase other Essential oils in the range, despite £20 for a small 10ml bottle is rather expensive. I have not repurchased my oils yet, as I still have plenty to use ~ they seem to be long lasting with my use at average of 15 hours per week. 

Health is wealth ! So look after your wellbeing. This makes a perfect gift for your loves or a divine treat for yourself. With Black Friday round the corner, you can get a free gift with NEOM if you make an order over £45 & they currently have an offer saving £40 on the Wellbeing Diffuser Pod with the Essential Oils Collection, or either save £20 if you purchase the Starter Pack, containing the Wellbeing Diffuser Pod & 1 bottle of Essential Oil. Or if you have the Pod already & need to restock on some Essential Oils, the Collection of 4 bottles are also on offer with a £20 saving. 

NEOM has released the Perfect Peace Essential Oil which would be perfect for the festive season. I am tempted to pick this one up. It's the perfect time to make most of this opportunity to try it out yourself or gift it for Christmas whilst saving some pretty pennies. 

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