I am unfortunately not blessed with full, beautiful brows. Mine are sadly sparse & my dad's genetics of his half brow look has been passed down to me. But not to fear, with the vast cosmetic options out there, I have discovered & tried out numerous brow products. Over time, I have tweaked my kit to achieve a brow look I am satisfied with. 

I can now say I have the ultimate brow kit, that I religiously use daily. 

I prefer the full bushy brow look. I find this brow style appears more natural & can make you appear younger. 

Who doesn't appreciate being able to look younger? 

Now let me talk through each product, how I use it and why, in the exact order numbered.  

           1. SOAPBROWS by WestBarnCo

Is a glycerin based, clear soap, using the best natural plant based, vegetable based ingredients & is handmade. It is also not tested on animals. 

I use the Soapbrows first. It works the best by spritzing a facial mist onto a spoolie - one spritz is enough. You can use a toner or even water. Then use the spoolie, brushing it side to side in the tin, to grab some product, until you see some tacky residue to coat your brows with. Next brush this through your brows in an upward strokes. Then leave for a minute & then fluff them up or shape them to how you like them. 

Using the Soapbrow technique really gives my sparse brows a helping hand & is a must for me. I discovered this wonder earlier this year & I am so glad I did. I prefer to use this instead of brow gel, as I have found brow gels can leave your brows crunchy & flaky, whereas Soapbrows is buildable & adheres well, making brows lush. 


This is a gel mousse brow product to fill in the brows. I need a lot of help in that department as I have sparse & faint half brows. This does the job at filling in & giving me flawless brows that I don't have. I can fake it but where it looks natural. 

The formula is creamy & glides easily. What is best, is that it is waterproof & smudge proof. It lasts all day on me & I have worn this whilst in hot, humid countries such as Hong Kong & Dubai - it stayed put! 

I apply this using an angled brush. A tip Anastasia gives, the dipbrow can also be used as an eyeliner. Great when you want to minimise items to bring when traveling. 

I have gone through 3 pots of this stuff as I have been using this product for years. I have used brow powders & pencils before but much prefer this formula instead. I love using this product & I cannot see myself using anything else. 

          3. MAC SHAPE & SHADE BROW TINT - Spiked

The last step for me is to define my brows. I like the feathery, defined finish. In order to achieve this & enhance your brows more is to ensure you use a liquid brow liner with a fine, brush tip where you can create featherlight strokes. This step helps define your arch, extend the tail & add depth to sparse areas. 

I like the Mac Shape & Shade Brow Tint, which is a tool with one end that has a waterproof liquid pen liner with a fine brush tip & on the other end there is a sponge tip with brow powder. I only use the brush pen end to complete the final step of my brow routine. 

Hope you will like these items mentioned. Do you use these products already? If not, what do you use for your slay-worthy brows? What do you think about the SoapBrow technique? Feel free to let me know by commenting below. 


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