“Glass Skin” is a popular term in Korean skincare trend, where the skin dewy, translucent, is crystal clear like glass with an ethereal glowing sheen. Sounds fabulous doesn’t it. This is achieved by using an effective skincare routine for you, using multiple lightweight skincare products, by layering over your skin, feeding it with nourishing vitamins.


Taking care of your skin is the vital & important part to having clear & beautiful skin, which creates the base for your make up to look good & also for those "No make up days". Make sure to keep yourself hydrated with water & always moisturise, especially now we are in the Winter months. Also regularly clean make up brushes, if you use unclean brushes, it clogs your pores & brings out spots & bumps on skin. 

My 2 favourite products, that I use daily without fail, to create my radiant, glass skin - read on below.


This is a radiance boosting primer with built in skincare ingredients which instantly brightens & evens out the skin tone by colour correcting. The contains a unique formula enriched with radiant rose stem cells (the rose scent is not overpowering, really decadent), with optical glow technology which blurs imperfections & neutralises  redness. 

The optical glow technology sounds fascinating, mixes of light reflecting prisms, soft focus micro spheres & colour correcting pigments. Scientifically magic. Texture is of a lightweight serum texture & is indeed buildable. 

With BY TERRY's promise & by Lydia Millen's recommendation (a lovely lady influencer), it tempted me to pull the trigger to purchase this & I did. I have been using this daily for a few months now. I use 2 pumps of this CC Serum in Apricot Glow after I have used my toner & an essence. It creates a flawless base. It does hydrate my skin well & it instantly revives & brightens up my skin. I do suffer with some redness on parts of my face & this does neutralise it. 

This comes in 4 complexion suiting options. It is eyewateringly expensive at £61 but my tip is to shop around, sign up to Beauty websites to keep posted on their discount offers, as I only buy it then. I would continue to purchase this but at a discounted price, to keep my bank balance happy. Also, I have not found a better product, or even one that matches this. I have tried  a cheaper alternative, Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter £34 - a complexion booster for superstar lit skin, which also contains wonderful skincare ingredients too. I do have a soft spot for Charlotte Tilbury's products. I love a lot of her products. Unfortunately Charlotte Tilbury's version, although wonderful, I didn't find it as hydrating or as lightweight as BY TERRY's CC Serum. I preferred the feel & the glow that BY TERRY's one gives me. Why do I have to have expensive taste?! 

After using the BY TERRY CC Serum, I next put a layer of Thank You Farmer Sun Project Shimmer Sun Essence.


This K Beauty brand SPF is a pink shimmer sun essence. Thank You Farmer claims this gives radiance with the clarity of spring water that shines under the sunshine. This contains brilliant & radiant pink micro pearls, with natural extracts; photo-oligo (moisturising agent), Inca omega oil, niacinamide, titanium dioxide, bamboo extracts & shea butter. 

With all these ingredients, using this hydrates my skin, easily absorbed & it is non greasy, whilst it protects my skin from the sun to prevent ageing & getting sun spots.  I make sure never to skip SPF, it really is important if you do not wish to look older than your age. 

I love this SPF as it It makes my skin really glow, with fresh, dewy luminescence. I am on my second tube of this & is my holy grail SPF.  It works wonderfully alongside the BY TERRY CC Serum, amplifying extra natural glow! 

The only thing is, I just wish Thank You Farmer could make this product with a SPF50 option. I prefer to have higher SPF protection. They do have a SPF50 Sun Project product, but it does not contain the pink micro pearls & this is an important ingredient for the luminous glass skin effect! 

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