My skin type is on the dry side & I suffer with dry lips at times. I hate the sensation when they become dry & flaky. Totally not cute or sexy!! You have to keep them puckers moisturised & juicy girl. My ultimate go to lip saviours are the Laneige Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask & Lip Glowy Balm.


Laneige is a South Korean Cosmetics brand & they specialise on skin's moisturising mechanism, as hydration is the fundamental key to luminous skin & radiating beauty. 

I adore Korean Beauty products, as they have innovative products & their packaging are beautiful. Their close attention to detail in their product packaging always gets me, besides the care or effective results they provide. 

  • Gently melts dead skin cells
  • Makes the lips feel smooth & elastic
  • Contains Special Care of Berry Mix Complex; raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry, gojiberry - rich in Vitamin C (melts the dead skin cells & makes lips smooth & elastic)
  • Moisture technology of hydro ion water, evening primrose root extract, Hunza apricot extract in the dense beta glucan moisture film - helps skin absorb the ingredients densely into the skin during 8 hours sleep. 

This product comes in the choice of 4 scents; 
  1. Berry - sweet berry scent ~ the first & main scent of this line
  2. Grapefruit - refreshing sweet, citrus scent
  3. Apple Lime - freshly harvested apple lime scent
  4. Vanilla - comforting, warm vanilla whipped cream scent
There is also a Holiday Limited Edition - Mint Choco - sweet chocolate , refreshing mint scent. This one sounds interesting, I am curious to try this one out....

I am on my second pot of this. I first tried the Berry scent & I am currently using the Grapefruit scent. Both scents are lightly fragranced, therefore is suitable for those who do not like heavily fragranced products. Out of the 2 scents I have tried so far, i prefer the grapefruit one vs berry scent. 

The texture is silky, smooth gel like formulation. I love slathering a generous layer on my lips & it sorts it out. The best bit is that it is not sticky. When I wake in the morning, my lips are smooth as a baby's butt & importantly feels hydrated! All dead skin skins removed. Amazing. I have used this product anytime in the day whilst at home, not just to night use. 

This comes with a small spatula. Like I said, great attention to detail. A thumbs up to Laneige for including the spatula which helps to retain better hygiene practice. Thing is who wants to carry a spatula & a pot around when you are out. For those who also don't like to use lip balms where you have to use your finger in, Laneige has the Lip Glowy Balm ~ with the ultimate function of the Sleeping Lip Mask in a pocket sized squeezy tube applicator, which will have you covered. 

Grapefruit & Peach

I have been using the Peach & Grapefruit scent of which are lightly fragranced. It has the same function as the Sleeping Lip Mask, which is great to know. The differences with the Lip Glowy Balm to the Sleeping Lip Mask, is that it is not as thick & although it does last quite long on the lips, I feel it does not last as long as the Mask version. 

The Lip Glowy Balm has very sheer colour ~ it doesn't really show up on my lips as my natural lip colour is quite pigmented. This does not bother me, as it will not distort colour of your lipstick, so it's great to wear before you apply your lipstick. It is lightweight, not sticky or waxy & provides a natural shine to your lips, which makes it awesome to wear alone too. I feel this is a hybrid item, a balm but gives you glossy, juicy lips without the stickiness. What's not to love! 

The packaging is convenient due to the squeezy, tube, slanted applicator, making application to the lips easy. It also comes in fun, cute colours, which will make it easy to find in your hand bag. They are available in 4 shades & scents; 

  1. Berry - soft pink colour 
  2. Grapefruit - revitalised coral colour 
  3. Peach - soft peach colour 
  4. Pear - natural clear colour 


I have tried many lip balms & I have always gone back to the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I am glad that Laneige has the Lip Glowy Balms to their line, as I will keep them to use in my handbag, which is so handy for those occasions when you cannot go to wash your hands & you can just moisturise your lips on the go. I think I will be using the Lip Sleeping Mask more at home. 

I will continue to repurchase these & will try out the other scents. They are affordable & I think worth the price. It is not available to purchase in any UK stores, therefore I buy online. I have bought mine from Ebay, from sellers in South Korea & also from YesStyle. 

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