Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadows

  • Water infused formula with Vitamin E, provides hydrating, antioxidant protection from free radicals
  • Cooling effect on hardworking eyes
  • Easily glides on - won't drag on the delicate eye area
  • Soft focus illuminating pigments for a visibly more youthful finish
  • Fool proof, One Minute No Mirror Make Up
  • Vegan friendly too (if that matters to you)

I enjoy using Charlotte Tilbury's powder eyeshadows & have a few quad palettes in my collection. 
They are really wonderful to use. However, there are days where I don't fancy spending much time on my eye make up, but still would like a wash of colour to help brighten my eyes. 

What best to try out Charlotte Tilbury's cream eyeshadows (the excuse I gave myself to shop, like I needed the excuse to). The two shades that really caught my eye were the ever so popular Rose Gold & Star Gold. The indecisive self couldn't pick just one shade, so ended up purchasing both! 


The Rose Gold shade is an eye brightening metallic soft warm pink with rich gold undertones, offering shimmering, shine bright, sunset eyes filled with joy.- Who doesn't want brighter eyes, especially in rose gold which is a colour I love. 


The Star Gold shade is an eye brightening starlit golden bronze glowing metallic, that creates shimmering, shine bright, sunset eyes filled with joy. 


Take a look with both of them side by side, showing you how different they look, hence why I had difficulty just choosing one only! 

Rose Gold (left) Star Gold (right)
Rose Gold swatch (left) Star Gold swatch (right)
The Rose Gold shade and Star Gold shade are both truly beautiful, mesmerising shades & definitely brighten up your eyes. 

Rose Gold, I find gives you a softer natural eye look, which is fabulous for everyday wear, perfect daytime use & can carry you into nighttime. Whereas, if you are after a more rich colour that pops out more, in a amber gold-bronze hue, then Star Gold fits the bill. Star Gold is definitely my choice for when I want to be more glam.
Both shades will suit all eye colours. 

The Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadows with water infused Vitamin E formula,  provides hydration & antioxidant protection from free radicals, is a lovely component to include in a make up product. I really like how Charlotte Tilbury has incorporated skincare element in this product & within her other cosmetic products like her lipsticks. 

It is indeed hydrating and soft as it easily glides on over the eyelid. This is great for those who have dry skin. Not only that, it provides protection from free radicals for the delicate eye area. 

I have found the cream shadow really easy to use - I prefer to use my ring finger to apply it, however you can use a brush if you like. It really is a fool proof product, you cannot go wrong with it & it allows me to complete my eye make up very quickly, with minimal effort yet creating maximum impact as Charlotte says. However, I wouldn't say I would be able to do it with no mirror. Importantly, wearing this alone, the formula is long lasting and has stayed on the whole day till I remove it. I have also used powder eyeshadow on top whilst creating an eyeshadow look & have found it makes a great base to other eyeshadows & intensifies an eyeshadow look. 

I note that Charlotte Tilbury claims this product has a cooling effect on hardworking eyes.I did not experience the cooling effect described. However, I was expecting a cooling sensation from my understanding of that description. Maybe I have misunderstood... Please let me know, if I am wrong or you have experienced the cooling effect? 

Overall, I really find both shades glowingly pretty and I have been using these 2 shades in rotation for over a month now. I love using them, that I would repurchase them again. I definitely do not regret having purchased both shades. 

If you haven't tried Charlotte Tilbury's Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadows then go on, do try them out & I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

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